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Bring the will to Succeed,
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Invact Folio = Job Opportunities

Resumes alone don’t cut it anymore.
Companies are looking for candidates that can solve problems and create solutions.

Invact solves these hurdles on your path to success, so you can
learn well, grow strong and build powerful Folios to win opportunities.

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Craft amazing Folios of Solutions

Crafting Folios that showcase your ability to create solutions is part of the courses you do, boosting your employment opportunities.

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Mentorship by Industry Leaders

Mentors with global industry experience to guide you on your journey for impactful and effective growth and learning, for life.

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Metaverse + University = Metaversity

Peer-to-peer learning with the community, engaging interactions, feedback loops in metaverse for a real-world experience.

Invact Courses for You

Strengthen your Core

Start with a Beginner COURSE

Beginner courses are designed to just get you into the course. It is an admission exercise for you to learn the basics and do some exercises.

Build your Foundation

Be an Associate

Associate courses begin your Finance journey to get you job ready. Learn to create basic excel spreadsheets, understand the terms, and get your core skillset polished.

Upgrade to Professional

Upgrade to Professional

Professional course ensures your learning gets to a higher level. You build strong skill sets required on the job.

Become an Expert

Become an Expert

And the final nail in the coffin. Here is the time for you to become an expert and create projects built by industry experts. You are all ready to get into a job from here.

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Meet the team

Tanay Pratap

Tanay Pratap
Founder & CEO

Previously at Microsoft, he has architected products like Microsoft Teams. That’s where he picks up on collaborative tech. He has been a teacher past decade as well and when he’s not coding, he’s teaching coding to thousands of students online.

Prashant Somani

Prashant Somani
Head of Curriculum

An IIM grad, he is passionate about teaching and curriculum. Has a decade-long teaching experience to students in business roles. At Invact, he is the bridge between students and teachers ensuring that the curriculum experience is at par.

Mayank Abhishek

Mayank Abhishek
Head of Engineering

Previously at Cisco, Mayank has been working at the intersection of code and AI. He’s leading the product engineering efforts at Invact with the engineering + design team.

Invact Metaversity

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