When should you not join this program?

If you're expecting an MBA degree.

We aren't an accredited program and thus, can't graduate you with a degree. Our certificate won't be called an MBA in an academic sense.

We will empower you to create a proof of work-based degree. This will enable you to break into a business career through your knowledge and not with a piece of paper.

If intensive learning and rigour are not your things.

Top school MBAs teach you how to think, and they teach you how to think on a clock. That's where the money is being made. If you're someone who can't stick to deadlines, you won't be able to shine in this program.

If you're lacking a few skills.

We're happy to help you grow these skills if you have a growth mindset. Otherwise, this program won't produce the desired results for you. - Public speaking ‍ We are creating leaders of tomorrow. Public speaking is an essential part of growth. It's imbibed into the learning experience of the program. You don't need to be an extrovert. But you shouldn't shy away from owning the stage when needed. - Teamwork Business is a people activity. And this course is designed with that in mind. Your participation in group activities will be required and noted. If you are someone who doesn't enjoy group discussions, critique, role-playing, etc then this program isn't for you. - Writing ‍ You don't need to be an author. But you shouldn't sweat when putting together a 1000-2000 worded document. Most of the proof of the work will involve some or other kind of writing. - Creativity ‍ You should be ready to learn typography, design, spacing. To use images, infographics, videos, and more to present your work better. In the current ecosystem, just text won't do. We want people who are ready to go above and beyond.

If you’re expecting a placement in the big Companies.

You will be placed in high-growth startups of India. Look out for the upcoming hiring section and you will see our partners coming up there.

We are not targeting, however, the MBBs and the FAANGs of the world. Your first business role in a startup will present you with immense learning opportunities and can set you up for these companies later if that's your aspiration.

If you are expecting it to be equal to 24 month Ivy League Program.

We know where we stand. If you're getting into an Ivy League, ISB, or IIM program and you have the time and money to invest, we think you should go for that program. We cannot cram that experience into a 16-week full-time program.

But if you're planning to go to a third-tier college, where average placements are no better than Rs. 6-8 lacs. Furthermore, where the quality of education and peer are substandard, then we advise you to do our program and have a better ROI on both time and money.

If you think there's a "job guarantee".

The job guarantee is a misnomer. We can provide you with good enough interview opportunities through our program. We will help you polish your resume, your LinkedIn, your proof-of-work. We will help you get ready for interviews.

We can only pass the ball when you're near the goal. But, shooting the ball in the goal is completely on you.

Note: We will be sending you for placements only when your assignments are submitted and satisfactory. Admission into the program doesn't guarantee interviews. Completion does.




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