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What is the Invact Finance Training Xpress (FTx) Program?

Invact Finance Training Xpress (FTx) Program is a way for you to fast track your performance and get client projects quickly.


What will you get ?


1:1 Mentorship

Connect with your assigned mentors to get help and give updates


Daily Status Check

With mentors, get your daily activities in track



Regular doubt-clearing sessions to help you out at every instance


Quicker Placements

Complete the 4-month program quickly and get closer to placements

AND start earning FAST!

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FTx Details

To be eligible for the Invact Finance Training Xpress (FTx) Program, what do you need to do?

  • Be Quick: Complete as many projects as you can within a week.

  • Be Active: Login everyday to the dashboard to watch videos, complete projects, and solidify your understanding of concepts.

  • Be Efficient: Understand each concept thoroughly while creating projects.

Process to access the Invact FTx Program

The process of getting access to Invact FTx Program is:

1. Start by completing 20 Projects in 10 days to be eligible for the FTx program.

2. Once done, our team will contact you to inform you that you are eligible for the Invact FTx Program.

3. If selected, Invact Team will conduct Interviews with you.

4. To get access to the FTx program, you need to clear the interviews.
If not, you can still continue the current course you are enrolled into.

5. If you clear the interview, you get access to the FTx program.


No cost. Invact FTx is free of cost.


Qs. How will we know if we are on track?

Ans. You do your best. Try to be on track:

  • Complete as many projects as you can in a week.

  • Log in everyday.

  • Learn your concepts thoroughly.

Qs. What if I am not able to join the FTx program? Will I not be eligible for the current enroled course?

Ans. No. It is an upgrade program. If you can dedicate full-time commitment to Invact, then you can access the FTx program. For everyone else, the regular course continues.

Qs. What will change for me if I am a part of the FTx Program?

Ans. Although the course remains the same, certain factors would change:

  • You get 1:1 mentorship from a dedicated mentor.

  • Regular doubt-clearing sessions.

  • Placement Assistance.

Qs. How quickly can we complete our current course?

Ans. If you dedicate 8-10 hours per day, you can complete the FTx program way faster than your regular course. Just focus on finishing the projects asap and learning it thoroughly.