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At Invact, get skilled in Finance at NO COST.

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We make money from the hiring partners and NOT you! When we give the companies skilled Finance professionals, they give us the money spent on training the professionals.

Who are we?

tanay pratap

Tanay, an ex-Microsoft employee has previously taught and placed students in the tech sector.

With Invact, he is now empowering students to get skilled in Finance and get their jobs regardless of their background, career gap, or degree. To know more about his ideologies, work, and vision, follow any social link here:

Our Vision


You can be from any background and still get placed with us. Your past will not affect your future.


You would have been preparing for exams for years, have career gaps in your resume, and yet none of it will matter with Invact’s training.


We believe whatever you want to achieve is a function of time spent. The more the time you spent, the more you learn, and the closer you get to your placements.

So, spend time with Invact



The finance sector in India is stable, providing job opportunities even during economic downturns as financial institutions are essential to the economy's functioning.

India's finance industry is rapidly growing, creating a high demand for skilled professionals due to the establishment of new financial institutions and services in recent years.

Jobs in the finance sector in India offer competitive salaries and benefits, making it an attractive career option for many.

Many finance jobs in India offer opportunities for career advancement, with clear paths to promotion and leadership roles.

Hiring for Financial Analyst Role

Technical and Professional Requirements

  • 2022 or before graduates in B.Com./M.Com./BBA/MBA/Any Finance degree

  • Knowledge of how to use a computer efficiently


  • UG: B.Sc in any Specialization, B.B.A/ B.M.S in any Specialization, B.Com in any Specialization

  • PG: MBA/PGDM in any Specialization, M.Com in any Specialization

Employment Type

full-time Full-time


2.4- 3.6 Lakhs per Annum

Why should you Apply?

Invact takes care of the training and deployment for you

We provide 1:1 mentorship, Interview Preparation, and Live Doubt-Clearing Sessions to help you at every stage

The hiring drive involves training from industry experts to teach you concepts thoroughly

Free of cost hiring drive where all we ask is your time and efforts

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