Invact Finance Program

A launchpad to take you from zero to expert with a career in Finance


1. Sessions on Finance and Communication skills

2. 50+ financial case-studies covered

3. Learn by building 25+ Financial Models

4. Get Invact Finance Expert certification

5. Be Interview ready with live sessions

6. Land a job and make a career in finance

Free Program

No hidden fees for the entire program

100+ hours of teaching

Live + recorded interactive sessions


Only computer + internet + understanding of english + high intent are needed

Do at your own pace

Takes typically 6 months with a 8hrs/week effort


We pitch you to our hiring partners on completion of program

Program Plan

The Beginner module asks you to complete a few exercises before getting full access to our course. It is extremely basic but important for you to complete and begin your journey with Invact. It has 5 exercises:

  • 3 Excel exercises
  • 2 Basic PPT exercises

Pre Requisites

  • No prerequisites are needed for this exercise. Enroll in the course, complete the exercises, and get access to the full course.

Course Modules

How is Invact different ?

Craft Icon

Craft over Credentials

Create your proof-of-work with our mentors and show case the skills you'll learn.

Doubt Clear Icon

Doubt Clearing Sessions

Regular doubt-clearing and feedback sessions to get course and career guidance.

Pow Icon

Proof of Work Reviews

Get feedback on your proof-of-work to enhance it before submitting.

Community Icon

Learn with Community

Learn with your peers and experience college life from your laptop or phones.

InterviewPrep Icon

Interview Preparation

Practice for interviews with our industry-specific questions before you apply to companies.

Placement Icon

Placement Assistance

Invact will assist you to get jobs via proof-of-work route than your traditional resumes.


Meet the Mentors

Prashant Somani

Prashant Somani
Head of Finance (Invact), IIM, CA

Impacted lives of thousands of students in the last 15 years by mentoring and coaching them.

Ankita Tripathi

Ankita Tripathi
Visiting Faculty, BizComm (Invact)

8+ years of experience in writing, community management, and developer relations.




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