Admission: Eligibility

Final year students

If you're graduating in 2022 and you would need a job, you're welcome.

This program is aimed at helping you land into a business role early.


Already graduated students are welcome. If you have missed few years of your career due to some prep, or feeling stuck in your career, or looking for a change then this program can help.

Part-time program

This course targets every individual with other primary occupations. You would need weekday evenings and weekends to attend lectures and discussions.


You're younger and you want to learn business early. Go ahead and apply.

Realize that your selection will be done on exceptional grounds. Through the application process prove that you are a diamond.

Job isn't the final destination

While this program's primary aim is to get you into a business role, a job, it's not its sole purpose. We want to make structured business education available for entrepreneurs and someone running the family business.

If you want to join the program and not use the placement services, that's perfectly fine with us.




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