Finance Associate in Equity Research

A 10 weeks program to transform you into a Finance Professional. This 10 weeks and the upcoming 24 weeks program will get you ready for your first Equity Research job.

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Course Plan

The Invact Supremacy



Has online learning become too bland and lonely? Learn with the cohort and experience college from your laptop. A 3D virtual world where you run into conversations, group learnings, etc.

The Game Plan

1. Learn about the program

Make sure you have all the details before signing up.

2. Join the course

Click on 'Join the course'. You will get to the sign-up page on LMS.

3. Complete verification

Once you sign-up, you have to complete a 2-step verification process to gain access to our discord server.

4. Join the discord

Join the Invact discord server through LMS. You will have to complete a one-step verification process before enrolling to the course on LMS.

5. Complete the admission process

Enrol to the Equity Research program on LMS. Complete the three excel based exercises by watching the tutorial videos that will be shared.

6. Get access to the course

After successfully clearing the admission process, you will get access to the live course.

7. Attend the sessions

Sessions will be conducted twice a week.Lectures are in the evening to ensure that working professionals can attend.

8. Start building your portfolio

Submit your PoW and get a brand new live portfolio for yourself. This will be shared with recruiters.

9. Keep moving forward

Attend the classes, complete the PoWs and build your portfolio.

The OP Mentor

Prashant Somani

Prashant Somani

Head of Finance - Invact, IIM, CA, CFA

Impacted the lives of thousands of students in the last 15 years by mentoring and coaching them.

Student Testimonials

The best thing about Prashant's teaching is that he follows a hands-on method of teaching. He would guide you through the process that he uses for himself and help you do your own analysis. And following that process essentially helped me produce insights with confidence.

Tanmay Dev Singh

Kintsugi Batch

Coming from a tech background, I was always intimidated by complicated financial terms. This changed after I joined the Equity Research course and interacted with Prashant. His analogies and case studies have made the financial jargons look like a piece of cake, and I can relate to the financial world more easily.

Mohak Khattwani

Equity Research Foundation Batch -1

Sessions with Prashant sir on finance have been so worthwhile! I'm new to finance but he made it comfortable to learn and goes out of his way to explain and help out. He has an amazing way of breaking things down so they are understandable, always keeping it light and fun.

Asif Kharbhari

Equity Research Foundation Batch -1

Prasanth sir is an excellent mentor. He explains even the most complicated of concepts effortlessly. Equity analysis involves a lot of research and Prasanth sir gives ample examples, hand-holding us all the way. He ensures that every doubt is solved.

Shubham Biswal

Equity Research Foundation Batch -1

When I attended the first class, I knew it was going to be super exciting! The way Prashant sir explains every little detail is inspiring. With the help of his teaching, I have learned how to understand things simply. Going through RHP and the annual report seems like a huge workload but it's not. He clearly explains what we need to focus on for our analysis. I am grateful to him that he has made this learning simpler and more effective.


Equity Research Foundation Batch -1

Prashant was understanding of everyone's background and made sure to pace the classes according to our level.

Karan Dev Tyagi

Kintsugi Batch





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