Admission: Process

The process is designed to ensure that we select you for success. We would like to know you better and understand your future aspirations. We would objectively assess your fitment for this program. If you think you got what it takes to join our Business Fellowship program then follow the steps below.

1. Interested Form

After checking your eligibility for the program. You can fill the interested form on the registration page.

2. Written Assignments

The Admission team will send you an assignment to complete. Assignments are designed to gauge your fitness for the program. It is a very fun and unique process.

The metrics will be around:

  1. English writing and comprehension.
  2. Critical and Analytical thinking
  3. People skills, work and internship experience (if any).
  4. Your uniqueness and mastery of any one field.
  5. Video presentation

3. Interview

You are almost there! The final round is an interview discussion with the admissions team. It will be a conversational interview aimed at understanding you better and gauging your interpersonal skills.

4. Admission Final

Great Job!! You will get a payment link to pay the admission fee and secure your seat. Once done, you will be invited to the course.




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