A story about the future of education.

Our story

When the pandemic hit, unemployment became more of a concern than ever before. By analyzing the survey results & research, we understood that the problem is large & requires a scalable platform solution. As current technology-driven solutions were not working we knew there had to be a better way. Online learning shouldn't be a lonely and siloed experience on a web page. It's time online learning gets its due. And deliver on the promise of quality education for all.

And thus Invact was born! We brought an immersive university-like platform where students will experience a virtual world merged with the real world. The metaversity is designed to facilitate the creation of communities and ecosystems over the open web.

Our Vision

Our aim is to bring education revolution for the future of India. Our vision is to make education experiential and affordable by building the most university-like space on the metaverse.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create employability via quality education. At Invact, we strive to deliver high-quality, socially immersive learning experiences to everyone, wherever they are, at an affordable price. Live the campus life from the comfort of your couch.

Who am I?

Tanay Pratap

CEO @invactHQ | Ex Sr. SDE @Microsoft

Migrated Microsoft Teams Communication Platform from Angular to React growing users from 17M to 100M+. Represented MS in international forums such asGraphQL Asia, OSI, RI, etc. Has been teaching and mentoring, via different channels all over India since 2014. A staunch promoter of job-oriented programming and action-based learning. Spends his time on the internet with the sole purpose of helping land better jobs. Won Microsoft Innovation Award for his work on making Microsoft Outlook lighter. Well known for his impactful contributions at neog.camp and roc8.careers, both of which have been game-changing launchpads for hundreds of budding developers.




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